August 20, 2018

Avow Utilizes LGBT Grant to Provide Education and Outreach in Southwest Florida

In January, Avow Hospice was awarded a grant from the Southwest Florida Community Foundation’s LGBT Community Fund of Southwest Florida. The purpose of the grant is to raise awareness and provide education and outreach to the Southwest Florida community on the challenges that lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transsexual (LGBT) seniors face in Southwest Florida. Avow’s grant proposal included growing its existing LGBT programing to provide additional and enhanced education and outreach programs, including seminars, presentations, panel discussions, and film screenings. The proposal also included hosting other community events to serve and provide the people of southwest Florida with opportunities for growth, understanding, and change.
August 3, 2018

2018 Grant from the LGBT Fund: Avow Hospice – Avow LGBT

This grant from the LGBT Community Fund of Southwest Florida is to promote equality for LGBT community members by building on Avow 's current education and outreach programs through the development of a year-long community education program designed to meet the specific needs of the LGBT community in Southwest Florida. The audience includes eldercare service providers, friends, family, caregivers, and the public at large. Avow will work with local and national support organizations such as GSN, PFLAG and SAGE to determine priorities for our program. Avow Hospice aims to raise awareness and educate our audience about issues facing LGBT community members in, or in need of, eldercare or senior housing.