One of the greatest challenges for philanthropists is determining how to target their investments. Smart philanthropy is not about “giving away” money; it is about providing capital to help an organization or entity accomplish a desired outcome.

How We Give

This is a giving circle fund.  Your contribution will be granted out each giving year to meet the needs of the community. Contributors who give $250 within the year will have a vote to determine grant focus areas.

Working groups will be selected by the Steering Committee of the Fund to focus on areas such as:

  • Research – research of the LGBT community
  • Needs – identification of needs of the LGBT community
  • Annual Gathering – annual meeting to determine causes to be support
  • Ad Hoc Working Groups –as needed for other identified areas.


By researching local, national and state statistics, the committee has identified the following areas in need of assistance.

  • Homelessness
  • Emergency housing for LGBT youth
  • Elder Care / Senior Housing
  • HIV prevention education and treatment
  • Suicide prevention / mental health

Grant Applications

Grant applications may be made by 501c3 organizations.  Please click here to review the LGBT Fund grants process and access the application located on the SWFL Community Foundation’s webpage.

Funding & Grantmaking Cycle

The Fund operates on an annual basis as follows:

March or April Steering Committee chooses grant focus areas.


May Contributors vote on final focus area(s).
July, August, September Steering Committee (or ad hoc committee) appointed by the Steering Committee) determines grantees.
October Grants are announced and disbursed to grantees.